Saturday, June 19, 2010

According to Snackreligious...

Big Enchilnachos

You CAN have nachos for lunch on a weekday.  Go ahead.  I've given you permission.  Many of your coworkers will be jealous.  Few will say so.

These are from the Big Enchilada, in Union Square (NYC).  They're a "small," if you can believe that. 

Also pictured -- the Emergency Hot Sauce that lives in my locker at work.  It's important to have on hand.

p.s. The hard taco shells at Big Enchilada (I love crispy tacos, no matter how inauthentic they may be) are too salty.  What a bummer.  But the chips are fine (if a bit flimsy).



nanio said...

Concur on emergency hot sauce. Also, soy, just because.

Jennette said...

That's a good idea. I think I need to add soy sauce to my emergency snack supplies.

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