Monday, June 28, 2010

Black as my heart.

Black as night

Trying to get a photo of a Whole Foods "Natural Mississippi Mud Bar" was something like me trying to photograph a black hole (I imagine).  I just don't have the right equipment to show what the thing really looks like.  It's dark, deep, fudgy, chocolate, black, craggy, and splitting across the top.  "Deep, fudgy, [and] chocolate" is also what it tastes like.

Mom used to make Mississippi Mud Cake for my birthdays, but this isn't quite like those cakes.  Her cake had a layer of marshmallow cream, which this bar lacks.  If you're used to a coffee element to your "Mississippi Mud," neither this bar nor my mom's cakes (incidentally) contain that flavor, either.  The Whole Foods bar version is straight-up chocolate; it's more like a brownie than a cake.  The thing is rich and soft to the nth degree.

Would I eat another?  Oh, my, yes.  This is everything I want when I want a deeply chocolate dessert.  It's Next Level, as far as Whole Foods desserts are concerned.

p.s. I've lived on the Mississippi and even been swimming in it, so I happen to know that the mud at the bottom of that river can be pretty gross.  I much prefer it rendered in chocolate.



jennifer said...

this looks very amazing.

Jennette said...

I think I'd better have another one, in order to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

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