Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Do, Honey Dew

When in Boston
(photo by Dan)

I may have mentioned my fondness for Boston Creme/Cream doughnuts. I used to be all about the blueberry cake, and they're still in the game, but I'm in a cream-in-the-middle phase of life. How about you?

In the interest of tourism and keeping in touch with my inner doughnut, I knew that someday I needed to test a Boston Cream while actually in Boston. And now, an excursion out to the Cape this weekend has made this dream come true. Plus, be still my eating heart, I got to try a new brand of doughnut. I mean, I like Dunkin', but it isn't exactly the last word in cake-with-holes. There are so many other doughnuts out there I haven't tried.

Honey Dew Donuts, my supplier this past Friday morning, is a company with its roots firmly in Massachusetts, so that made this particular Boston Creme doughnut (pictured above, before being eaten at Boston's South Street Station) doubly significant. It was tasty, featuring a cream that was neither too sweet nor too skimpy. The chocolate on top was appropriately rich. Still, given that I was actually sitting in Boston eating a doughnut made in and named after that very city, I expected something more.

I also tried one of Honey Dew's Blueberry Nugget variety. It was cakey, but almost light or fluffy, with good blueberry representation (though not whole berries or anything crazy impressive). Quite tasty.

Both doughnuts did outperform similar flavors I've eaten from DD. The prices were also cheaper at Honey Dew. If you're interested in my current rankings as an equation, they could be expressed this way:

HD Blueberry Nugget > HD Boston Cream > DD Boston Kreme > DD Blueberry Cake

And now for the bottom line. When in Mass. (or another HD locations) -- do, do Dew!


Bets said...

For me, it's all about donut freshness - so hot glazed Krisoy Kreme minis are my one and only donut of choice..

Would you believe that, when I was growing up, we had visits from The Donut Truck - like an ice cream truck, but with a donut fryer! Hot donuts on the way home from school. Two for a quarter!

Jennette said...

Oh. I wish there were a donut truck in my past, present, or future. I've never even had a hot Krispy Kreme.

But in college we used to go to the local donut place so early in the morning that the donuts were very fresh. That was lovely.

Also, you reminded me how, when staying overnight with my favorite family/church friends (youth group leaders and sometime babysitters), we would make donuts and donut holes out of refrigerator biscuit dough fried and rolled in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Those were great once they drained briefly on a paper towel. I think I'd better do this in my kitchen soon.

Bets said...

Supposedly there is at least one Krispy Kreme in Manhatten - in the financial district. They opened it a few months before they went public, so brokers would be excited about their prospects.

The store locator says Penn Station.

Jennette said...

I wonder how long I'd have to hang out in Penn Station in order to get a hot donut. ;)

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