Saturday, May 16, 2009

I need a cupcake (and blog) do-over.

Exploded cupcakes

Thanks for sticking around, folks. I haven't been feeling too blog-worthy lately, but -- much like these chocolate cream cheese cupcakes -- I find my mood is rising with increased heat (of the oven or of spring, depending on which one of us you observe). Earth is our oven, ladies and gentlemen. Bake yourself into something sweet!


Silliness and apologies aside, I have learned some lessons. I now solemnly resolve:

1. I will keep blogging and try not to leave Snackreligious alone for this long again.
2. I will not fill cupcake liners more than half full of batter in the future, no matter what the recipe says (especially if additional topping is called for).
3. I will try to keep enough flour on hand so as to not have to substitute bread flour for any part of the amount of all-purpose flour called for in a cake or cupcake recipe.
4. When using the teflon cupcake pan (which I will only do when making more cupcakes than will fit in my metal pans), I will not convince myself that its nonstick surface means I do not need to use cupcake liners.

I will be making these cupcakes again, keeping all four of the above resolutions in mind. You should make them, too! The flavor was excellent, once I had pried them from the pans. The cream cheese filling is a little salty, which is unexpectedly pleasing.

Let me just note, finally, that the recipe (found here) makes 16 or more cupcakes, not 12.


gracie o said...

no worries! everyone needs a break every now and again. those cupcakes look AMAZING (as always).

David Michael said...

Welcome back!

Missed you like crazy

Jennette said...

You are both very sweet. Thanks for coming back!

Anonymous said...

those cupcakes were delicious, and the salty filling really added a unexpected twist, like a snickers bar!

you were missed! welcome back!

(its steph, the comment thing isn't working properly)

Jennette said...

Steph -- it's lovely to have a friend who will eat one's ugly baked goods. ;) And they did taste pretty good after all.

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