Monday, May 18, 2009

Chips and Sticks:

In which I dither around for a paragraph or so before finally getting to the point.

Nick's trip to Japan sounds like it was a nice time. Better than nice. My favorite part is when, after it was over, he came back to NYC with a little Japan in his luggage. Some of Japan is edible, you know, and of this category Nick selected some comestibles as souvenirs. And of these edible souvenirs selected, a good number of bites were shared with me. And this was nice of him. Really, really nice!

Corn Soup Pringles

Corn Soup Pringles (that may not be the correct translation, as I've forgotten exactly what Jeremy said the Japanese reads) taste like Pringles coated with chicken Ramen Noodle Soup flavor powder. This pleases me. They're getting a little stale because I waited just too long to finish eating the small cannister's portion, but don't hold that against them. I didn't.

Asparagus Pretz

Pretz Asparagus don't visually resemble asparagus in many ways. They are long and thin, and have little brown hatch marks painted or burnt on one side (which are probably supposed to resemble the tips that grow on the asparagus stalk), but that's about it. Their flavor, however, and especially their scent are reminiscent of that vegetable. There's a certain bright greenness about them in the mouth. They're actually more asparagus-ish, as it were, than they are pretzel-y. I like them best eaten two at a time.

In conclusion: I am eating Japanese snacks and everything is nice.


Erika said...

Dood, everything is better two at a time! Tee hee.

Jennette said...

...except lightning strikes.

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