Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beverage X Revealed (source remains classified).

Mystery Drink
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█████ gave Dan a bottle of "Tranquilo," a brand new flavor of Vitamin Water. I got to try it, too!

But I'm not sure when this will be available in stores, nor do I want to get █████ or Dan into trouble by leaking anything that's supposed to be a secret.

I will say that "Tranquilo" smells tropical, almost of suntan lotion (in a good way) and coconuts. According to the packaging, the flavor is actually tamarind and pineapple. It's smooth and sweet, sort of like a fruity green tea. Some people will probably find it to be too sweet.

Were this available in stores (and I hope it soon will be), I'd drink it again -- and I definitely rate it among my favorite flavors of Vitamin Water.

[UPDATE: This is now available in stores, obviously. Also, I tried one of the new low-calorie Vitamin Waters (I forget which flavor) and found it gross. It tasted like artificial sugar.)]

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