Monday, May 25, 2009

Planning Ahead to Look Back


June 04, 2009 will mark the one-year anniversary of this, my first and only blog. The fact that anyone else reads these posts is kind of awesome, and I really do appreciate it, so I thought I'd give you a chance to influence my posting on the fourth.

How do y'all think I should celebrate? Is there anything you'd really like to see me eat? Questions you'd like answered? Themes I should explore? Should I spend all day in Snack Jail? Eat only health foods? Try a new restaurant? Ingest my weight in frozen lemonade?

I'm open to suggestions.


Dan said...

Good yearbook title! Keep it snacky !

Jennette said...

Duly noted.

mechanic said...

snack jail! and btw nice nails! :)

Jennette said...

Thanks! I'm leaning toward Snack Jail. I have got to get the oldest stuff out of there!

girl_in_greenwood said...

I am definitely interested in Snack Jail... although I am also interested in creative and (potentially) delicious cold beverages. Experiments such as "Melon Soda: Delicious, Sticky, or Both?" or "The Dual Personality of Iced Tea & Coffee Blend" would be welcome.

Jennette said...

GIG -- your ideas intrigue me.

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