Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Suck My Pizza!

Suck My Pizza

A friend's uncle
recommended I try the pizza truck that parks at the southwest corner of Union Square. He had pretty good things to say about it, and I work around the corner, so I hied myself there.

You know what's disconcerting and unappetizing? When you're standing in line behind a guy who seems to be having trouble placing his order and you realize he and one of the pizza sellers are now arguing about something and then the guy walks away angrily shouting, "Suck my ***!" and the pizza seller shouts back, "Suck my ****!"

Then it was my turn to order. I didn't want anything sucked. Tension was in the air. I meekly asked the second pizza seller (who had done no shouting) for the Sicilian slice special (2 for $4) and a Pepsi ($5 total) and tried not to look at Mr. "Suck my" while my pizza was fired in the truck's oven (in the photo above, the crust looks burnt, but that's because I toasted it to re-warm it when I got back to work).

I do not consider myself a prude, but my pizza just didn't taste as good as I think it would have if I'd gotten to experience it without the memory of all that yelling about sucking things that should never be sucked in public (or in anger). Still, the slices were tasty (I almost always prefer Sicilian when in NYC) and I'd order lunch there again.

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