Thursday, July 2, 2009

A wasted shelf-life


Oh, dear. This Alfajor Havanna "cookies filled with dulce de leche coated with meringue" has been floating in Snack Jail for a couple of years. It came back from Argentina with Christian but looked too pretty to eat. I thought Dan should probably eat it; he thought I should be the one. And then after a few years it seemed too scary to eat.

And now it's inedible. I couldn't cut it in half; I couldn't bite through the middle layer; the meringue on the outside was flaky and stale.

Argentinian Fail

Moral of the story? Don't go to jail. You might rot in there. Also, don't squander opportunity. Seize the snack!


mollyoh said...

my argentinean boss brought these back after his most recent trip to buenos aires! they were his favorite treat from childhood. and they were DELICIOUS! i'm sorry that sweet cookie was so hardened in snack jail.

Jennette said...

I was afraid I'd get a comment like this. Rats. :)

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