Sunday, July 5, 2009

Milkshake and Bake

Beachbound milkshakes
(phone photo by Dan)

It was a great day at the beach until guys in uniform with whistles showed up.

Fort Tilden Beach officials are trying to enforce some kind of crazy "no swimming" policy, which is ridiculous, as we've been swimming there several times a year for three or four years without ever seeing anyone challenged.

No, there are no lifeguards on duty, but that's what "swim at your own risk" is for. I hope no one got hurt (that would be a sad reason for the new enforcement), but people get hurt on beaches with lifeguards, too, so this shouldn't necessitate a swimming prohibition. Besides, there is a lifeguarded beach at Jacob Riis Park (a short walk away) for people who need supervision, so leave us alone on our unguarded stretch of sand! Let us swim, already. I'll be finding another beach soon, if this keeps up.

Anyway, when entering Fort Tilden, look for the snack bar trailer. Dan got a hot dog and a coffee drink. I got a milkshake and some Cheez Its. The milkshakes are not too thick, which seems just right on the beach. Mine was peanut butter.

Peanut Butter Milkshake
(phone photo by Dan)

Also, wear sunscreen! I should know!

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