Sunday, July 19, 2009

Right Where We Belong

Governors Island Ferry Terminal

Here we are, at the ferry terminal on our way to Governors Island last weekend.

Governors Island

Here we are, on the tree-lined sidewalks of this former military base.

Governors Island Badminton Tourney

Here we are, one of us participating in and one of us spectating at a big ol' badminton tournament.

Le Gamin Truck

Here we are, spotting a nearby purveyor of food, Le Gamin.

Waiting in line; Manimal

Here we are, standing in a long, slooooow line [shoes by Manimal].

Le Gamin

Here we are, edging closer to our snack...(eventually, this truck would completely sell out of food, so we were lucky).

Le Gamin snack

Here we are, finally, on what might be the cleanest grass in NYC, about to enjoy a Nutella crepe and (as it turns out, slightly oversalted) fries with mayo and ketchup.

"Here we go! Let's start the show!"


Matt Cassity said...

I shoulda got one of those crepes but was intimidated by those badminton toughs hanging about in front of the truck. The fries from the water taxi beach weren't too bad. The corn was just corn. I'd like to go back w/ my own snacks, but I hear all of NY is going there now. Thanks a lot mainstream media!

jenny gordy said...

i like your shoes!

i've still never had a crepe. who serves the best crepes in new york? that's where i want to get my first one.

Jennette said...

JG -- thanks! I have two pairs, I like them so much.

I've only had crepes one place in the city, near my church, and I'm not sure if it's still there (I'll try to remember to check on Sunday). Also, this place gets great reviews:

Matt -- isn't it too bad about corn? It's so often "just corn."

And I've seen 2 or 3 articles on Governors Island since going there. Quit blowing up my spots, media!

Mechanic said...

What beautiful pictures! It looks like a fun (and delicious) day.

Jennette said...

Thanks, Steph. It was really pleasant out there.

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