Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Snack for the Seedy.

Bee Bars

I needed breakfast that I could take on the train. I wanted a plain, old granola bar, but I found myself in some sort of "fancy" grocery store that was putting on airs. No plain, old granola bars to be found. Just weirdo, expensive "energy bars" and "health bars" and such.

The least offensive (taking into account packaging and ingredients) looked like the Bumble Bar "organic energy" bar. I am always suspicious of things that are both gluten free and vegan, and it wasn't cheap, but I bought two and hoped for the best.

The first was the original flavor "with mixed nuts." It was heavy on the seeds. In fact, it looked like pressed bird food. Not so nutty. Not so much flavor. But it didn't taste too bad. There were layers of seeds held together by a slightly sweet, slightly sticky food glue (honey?).

The second type was called "Awesome Apricot." What do you know?! More nutty bird seed. Though it had dried fruit and a more interesting texture (due to the fruit and to larger nut pieces), it didn't taste much like apricot. It, too, was a little sticky. Much water was needed to wash the thing down.

Clearly, more expensive energy bars are not the answer. Come back, good ol' granola! We miss you!


cybele said...

I love the bumble bars, though I wish they came in smaller pieces, because the bar never holds together.

I don't think of them as energy bars though, just plain old "not too sweet" candy.

The Luscious Lemon is my favorite.

Jennette said...

Thanks for posting a comment! I certainly didn't hate them. I just found the two I tried to be too "seedy." ;)

jenny gordy said...

from your description they sound so weird! i'm kind of curious but kind of repelled at the same time.

Jennette said...

I think I have a knack for that. They were both good (though not awesome) and weird at the same time.

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