Sunday, July 26, 2009

Petit and Blanc

petit blanc

Have you had Le Petit Écolier biscuits? They're sweet and cracker-y crisp on the bottom plus soft, sweet chocolate on top, together in one cookie.

Sometimes, as it happens, they're white chocolate on the top (and, yes, I know that technically white chocolate isn't chocolate). Proper!

(Thanks, Paul!)


mechanic said...

my first post-college job was to write the verbiage for these cookies! i wrote the product information and description for the package and the vendor information!

Jennette said...

Wow! Hey, Paul reminds me that he made me look deep into the little schoolboy's eyes. They look like crazy eyes, as rendered in white chocolate. That would have been good information for the vendor. "Do not stare into the cookie-boy's eyes!"

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