Sunday, July 19, 2009

The answer lady: in which I ponder your demands.


Okay, so I don't have all the answers. But checking out the data on traffic to this site is a thought-provoking pastime. Here are some puzzlers for you.


I couldn't help but notice someone found this blog during a Google search using the query:
"how many stalks in 1 pound kale"
And...right away, I'm stumped. I don't know! I've only gotten kale once so far, and I didn't count. But there were 21 stalks in one pound of chard when I picked up my CSA share today. So...there you go. Not much of an answer when you're thinking about kale, but my kale seemed lighter, stalk-for-stalk, than my chard, so it's probably more than 21.


Another wandering internet explorer (maybe the same person?) searched for
"storing onions from my csa"
This one I can help with. I did a little research and discovered that big, round onions are well-stored in a cool, dry place. If it's really hot in my apartment I put them in the refrigerator. Once cut, store wrapped in a little foil or plastic wrap. Or if you have half an onion, store it cut-side down on a small plate in the fridge.

Fresh or spring onions with bulbs and green tops (which is what I get from my csa) I put (unwashed) in a partially-open zipper-top bag in the refrigerator and try to use within the next few days.

I also know you should never keep onions in the same drawer/bag/bin/box as potatoes. It causes rotting much quicker than storing the two separately.


Now, I'd like to say hello to the two people who searched for variations on this theme:
"leftover beet water"
I hope you found this post (see #7).


There must be some other people out there dealing with too much lettuce, for someone else wondered about
"non salad lettuce"
Make lettuce soup, people (#4)! It sounds weird, but it's good!


Finally, I should thank the person who reminded me of a project on which I've fallen behind. I needed this reminder:
"how to make a Nutella milk"
Thank you, gentle searcher. That information will be coming soon.


And thank you all -- even those of you who made my brain hurt a little. I'll keep watching the search term statistics, so feel free to keep me on my toes, internet detectives.

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