Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Edible Birthday: A Photo Essay

Sheep-topped cupcake

Nick gave me a sheep made of frosting atop a huge chocolate cupcake from Whole Foods. I carried the cupcake home after work and the sheep slid a little to the side of the cupcake, creating this awesomeness:

Sheep-shaped smear

A birthday gift

Here's an Odwalla bar from Dave. He claims they taste healthy, like eating a tree. I plan to try it for breakfast tomorrow anyway.

New Cookie Friend

has a new cookie. Oats, chocolate chips, cinnamon, and melted/toasted marshmallows. ZOMG, to borrow an abbreviation. "Light," as Dan said. "Delicate crumb" was how I put it. However you describe it, it beats the pants off their chocolate chip cookie AND the brownie, both of which I have raved about on certain days.

Ice Cream Social


Then I had some neighbors over to eat brownie sundaes. The one I constructed for myself was banana, peanut butter marshmallow brownie, vanilla ice cream, melted caramels, and sea salt. Other toppings available included 3 or 4 types of nuts, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate bars to grate, candy pieces, sprinkles, Nutella, and more. There were three brownie varieties on hand.

It was a good day. I hardly even feel sick to my stomach.

p.s. Dan got me some awesome British snacks to blog about. They'll be coming to the site soon!


Matt Cassity said...

My takeaway brownie was eaten about 15 minutes after I left last night.

Jennette said...

Leftover brownies brought in to work this morning did not last long, either. Rachel's double-chocolate King Arthur Flour brownies were the first to go.

Bets said...

Happy Birthday! That sheep cute!

Jennette said...

Thank you! They also come in shaggy dog, apparently.

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