Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent Keyword Activity

Calligraphy House 1

They're Only Words, Part Two: Things The World Needs To Know
(A second Pretend-it's-a-Poem using search terms that have led internet users to snackreligious.)

up all night
do you like doritos?

ingesting too much peppermint ritter sport candy
bronxville sandwich shop; sweet revenge peotry [sic]
chalk and cheese poem. pie crust snacks

graham star cookies; gozer minions
smycken hoity toity - jaques torgit
hero villanelle - poultry poetry
utz red hot. nigel slater chicken pie

tim tam by pepperidge farm
tim tam by pepperidge farm

turkey jerky british / ginger chews chime
zuul is the minion of gozer. what's gozer?
revenge in poetry. chicken pan pie
mooshy gooshy gummy cakes

eat mini carton whoppers in one sitting?
short poems on eating sweet sucker
Shopsin's January 2009.

why do you like doritos?

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