Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

BBQ Island

It wasn't exactly lunchtime, but pawing through used goods can make a person hungry. While in DUMBO on Sunday to peruse the market that is Brooklyn Flea, I ended up on BBQ Island (aka waiting in line at the King's County BBQ truck).


Under the Bridge

Convenient amphitheater seating under the bridge turned out to be windy and chilly, despite the sun.

Cheese Grits

Jalapeno-Cheese grits-- Not bad, but not great. A bit lumpy; tasted of corn.

Chicken "Ribs"

"The Original King's County 'Chicken Ribs'" -- I'm not sure what's rib-like about these, but the BBQ sauce was sweet and the meat flash-fried to perfection (if slowly). Both sides of slaw (fresh-tasting) and baked beans (smoky, deep flavor) met with my approval. I also traded Steph for an Apple-Brined Chicken Wing. Though I preferred my drumsticks, the wing had an appealing cider-y tang.


Anonymous said...

YUM! What a perfect way to savor this spell of 55 degree weather.

Jennette said...

It would have been perfect if we'd been a bit more protected from the wind. I had to take it inside after one leg and a wing.

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