Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: 1926 Jazz Stove

Blue Stove

Afternoon snack

Grandma's blue stove's in The Blue Stove now
Bopbop be diddle. Ba-daaaaaaaaaaa dow!
And coal or wood'll burn your pants
If you give it half a chance
Now fridge cold, its ghosts still dance.
Skiddly, askiddly, skadiddly pow!

Crinkle cookies melt with grace,
Go brownie soft inside your face,
And oatmeal raisin - it ain't dry
Hearts soar; mouths smile; tongues do fly.
They do fly.

da da da da da da pyoooooo!

Two dollars buys you a coffee
Two dollar cider, that too - sha SHA!
Mustabeenhot, littlegramma -
She was. For pies. For cakes. For mygoodgoshsakes
that hot little stove colored blue.
Even COLD it can do.

be-da ba-da-ba ba-doo....

The Blue Stove is open

[The Blue Stove opened last Friday. Corner of Withers and Graham. Dee dop a wow.]


mollyoh said...

now, i'm no connoisseur, but i thought those were some exceptionally delicious chocolate cookies! (are they called chocolate crinkles?)

Jennette said...

Yes. Yes they were.

David Michael said...

I love this post!

Chocolate Crinkles were my favorite as I kid and I am so stoked I leave next to a bakery that makes them so well!

Keep the poetry coming!

Jennette said...

DM - My chocolate crinkle recipe is from my aunt, but I love them, too!

Thanks for the feedback. I wonder sometimes if Poetry Tuesdays drive people away -- due to the oddness. ;)

katty said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennette said...

Katty, I can't tell if you're just promoting your link to Costa Rica Homes for Sale or a true stove enthusiast, but I like your style. ;) Thanks for the comment.

kimberly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennette said...

Kimberly, you spammers are really stepping it up! But I'm afraid I'm going to disable your link and repost your comment here:

Kimberly said:

wonderful blog!!! i really like the stove, specially the big ones because i think they are more comfortable for me and I feel identify with my stove all the time. Actually my boyfriend cooked for me once after to buy viagra, then he gave me the surprise.

Jennette said...

Here's Katty's comment, with the link disabled:

I love the big stove specially because i like to cook all kind of recipe, how ever i prefer to have a reasonable place. Actually i saw a beautiful stove in a house that was published in costa rica homes for sale it was big and beautiful, i think i will go there because it catched my attention.

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