Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is there hope for TJ chocolates?

Trader Joe's Belgian Seashells

We've discussed a perceived problem with Trader Joe's Chocolates, so I'd like to let everyone know that TJ's Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Seashells aren't bad. I wouldn't say eating one was a transformative experience, but I would say it was pleasant - and that I'd eat more.

Belgian Seashell Chocolate

This was part of last night's shared meal after the midweek service at church. Leila made bean soup. I've never had blended bean soup before. It's surprising to eat a non-chunky soup with the flavor of beans.

After the meal, I found it hard to leave to go to choir practice when I knew I'd be missing a viewing of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which was being watched after the meal. But we all make sacrifices, don't we?

I did get to watch the Top Chef finale later. There is plenty of commentary online, so I'll just say a person in a weeks-long competition should not win or lose based on a single meal. That's like taking a class and finding out your final grade is wholly based on the final, with no consideration of all the papers and tests one has completed throughout the course.

Bean soup dinner

p.s. I signed up for a CSA last night, too, and am looking forward to how more fresh vegetables might change the face of this blog.

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