Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hungry Eyes

My plate

We came; we got some popcorn; we saw a new movie; we ate some fancy film screening snacks.

Matt's plate

Note to the man sitting in front of us (and anyone else who can learn from his example): it is impolite -- and, in my opinion, boorish -- to turn around and give people dirty looks for having honest emotional responses (within reason) to cinema. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to the movie and less to your neighbors. My friend and I both found the juxtaposition of an old man stapling a mattress while a Kylie Minogue song played on the radio to be funny. I think our point is defensible.

[There is some evidence you may also be the kind of man who immediately begins fretting when seated next to a baby on an airplane, despite not having any way of knowing how that particular baby will behave on that particular flight. Now, is that fair?]

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