Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A No-Brainer


It took very little time or effort to dip Ritz Bits Cracker Sandwiches (Peanut Butter) in chocolate.

It took even less time or effort to eat them all.

I meant to make these for the Cookie Party in December but ran out of time. My guests' loss was certainly my gain. Thanks, Mom, for sharing the idea with me!

A tip or two:
Milk chocolate (melted mini Hershey's Kisses) did not set up as well as the melted white chocolate chips, but a few hours in the refrigerator evened things up. White was my favorite; milk chocolate was Dan's. Also, chopsticks are excellent enrobement utensils.


mechanic said...

your mom is a genius

Jennette said...

In more ways than one.

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