Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poetry Tuesday: They're only words.

DUMBO wall

(I made this pretend-it's-a-poem by linking together search terms people typed in before landing on Snackreligious.)

All We Want To Know About

Chex Mix with toffee, pie crust snack,
Where does Cheese it, it's the cops come from?
Tongue hurts from candy (7th recipe) Stauffer
chocolatey star, Stauffer chocolatey star.

Drunking and drifing,
My five senses,
Poems about the seafood - Asian hotdog,
Ready salted chipsticks. Sarah Vaughan.

Sara Moulton poetry, soundtrack snack,
How to pronounce spoon in Bulgarian.
Can parrots eat vanilla pudding? Chocolate covered graham,
Minion of Gozer,

Adjective essay my favorite chocolate Kit Kat
-- Snack religious.
-- Snackreligious.
Cheez Its poems, Jenny snack blog,
Snackreligious. Snackreligious.

[...to be continued]

p.s. Kids! Please do not drunk and drife!

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