Friday, December 26, 2008

Perky, popping pick-me-up.

Pop Rocks in waiting

When you're sleepy enough that your average, workaday sugar isn't going to cut it, try a peck of Pop Rocks. Sweet and snappy with audible and textural zizzow, a slug of these potent poppers just might keep keep you on your toes and awake longer than some silent sugar would. So the Strawberry isn't strictly Strawberry? It's still a pinch of pick-me-up you can trust to put the vig back in vigor for a time.

You're gonna come down, though. Watch out for that crash.

(Thanks, Tia!)


mechanic said...

Last time I was at Economy Candy I purchased a chocolate bar with pop rocks in it... sounded intriguing, but I have not yet been brave enough to try it!

Jennette said...

Ben and Jerry's also made a limited edition 4th of July flavor of ice cream with Pop Rocks throughout.

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