Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poetry Tuesday: Sweet Revenge

Fun Dip

I, whom you lick,
I am burning on your tongue I am your lost youth
I am a trip I am a trick I am the true truth
I powdered out along the hillsides of your tongue's scoop.

I am your: fun dip,
Your brain's in: deep slip,
You cannot: come nor quit
And there's: no use.
I am a flash, I am a sneeze, I am a screw loose.
I'm sugared trash, I ride the breeze, I take abuse.

I, whom you dip,
I am cooling in your cheek I am your white knight
I am an eagle soaring peering through your skylight
I crunch like aspirin in your teeth I put up no fight.

I am your: lik-m-stik,
I taste: so opposite,
You think you have: a grip
And then: you flip.
You are alone, you are undone, you've come to care.
You're lying prone, you taste the fun, you dip you dare.


angela said...

we would make it into kool aid at the pool. yum. i liked the dip it stick best.

Jennette said...

That is very interesting! I never thought about adding water. It's so sweet, I'm sure it wouldn't be much different from Kool-Aid!

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