Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm at your party, eating the Hostess.


Crumbs, a small bake shop that sells drinks (coffee, milk, sodas) and other baked goods as well as a coddle of cupcakes, has had a location on University between 13th and 14th for a few months, the guy working the counter told me, but I didn't discover it until I got a tip from Ian (regarding free samples of Heath Bar cupcake) yesterday.

Cupcake case

The cupcakes are pricy ($3.75 for most) but large and tempting. I resisted the peanut butter cup flavor (don't want to be too predictable) and went for the Hostess.


As I hoped, there was cream inside - and a goodly amount of it, too.

Pantsing the cupcake

More importantly, the bakery seems to be working from a good recipe. The cupcake itself was moist and had a nice, full chocolate flavor.

Here be cupcake

To stretch my dollar, someone is getting a Christmas present wrapped in this bag.

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