Saturday, December 13, 2008

From Japan, via Jersey, via Jeremy

Japanese candy

These Meiji Horn Chocolates were each other's opposites. In the gold wrapper, there was a snack made of chocolate biscuit on the outside and a sort of white chocolate inside. The red wrapper contained a blond biscuit with milk chocolate filling. Both had their two ends dipped in chocolate. I found the crunch-to-filling ratio quite satisfactory and the biscuit had a shortbread flavor. I think the red-wrappered version was my favorite, but they were both good.

My Milky candies were cute but didn't smell like much of anything. Again, I had a red wrapper and a yellowish wrapper (how thematic of you, Jeremy!). The candies were a litte hard, but chewy, with no discernable flavor. At the center of the red-packaged one was a harder button of candy that looked like it was made of the same ingredients but was much more difficult to chew. It might be my imagination, but the yellow-wrapper Milky seemed a little milkier. It was definitely easier to chew through once it softened up on the tongue.

What's up with these? I guess they're supposed to be caramels. Or toffees?

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