Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turkey Jerky

Eastern Promise

Surprise! I found another item from Anastasia's box of British (etc.) snacks. I thought I'd eaten them all, but I was wrong. A Fry's (now owned by Cadbury) Turkish Delight just popped up out of the ether.


"Full of Eastern Promise?" If only that promise were fulfilled. It's funny how the trash can is lurking in the background of the picture above. That, ultimately, is where half of this candy bar was headed. I mean, the wrapper said I could mail it back if not satisfied, but international postage can be a bear.

This "Turkish Delight" is going to RUIN the Narnia books for me. How in the world did the White Witch entrap Edmond with something so jellied and floral tasting?* The flowery flavor snuck up on me, but it was undeniable and purposeful.

But it's chocolate-coated. Shouldn't that redeem it a bit? I suspect that no amount of chocolate on the outside could allow me to enjoy this, and in this case the chocolate doesn't tastes like it's of a particularly high quality.

I'm having bad luck with items described as Turkish, come to think of it. I'm no fool; I won't write off a whole country on the small sample of evidence I've gathered so far (especially as I don't think any of these have actually been manufactured in Turkey). I like the music. I like the hats. Someone tell me about something edible, yummy and Turkish. Quick!

* p.s. for further reading, I discovered this article.

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