Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Puffed up

Morning tea

Let's talk tea. I am in love with genmaicha these days.

Mmm...toasted rice and green tea. Little pieces that have popped like puffed rice cereal. Unique, nutty flavor. Smooth and warm and comforting.

I've been drinking it at home and on the road.

Sleeping Quarters


maryeb said...

Saw your post on ravelry.

What a great start to your blog. You have some wonderful photos.

And all that food!!!!!
Makes me very hungry:)

Samsara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and explaining the rainbow meaning! I could have Googled it myself but it makes for intrigueing late night thoughts! :-) You have some great foody photos on your blog; makes me peckish!

Phoe said...

What a great blog. It makes me snack hungry. And your photography is beautiful.

Jackie said...

Love, love, love your on the road pictures.

The snack pictures make me hungry!

Jennette said...

Thanks for visiting, y'all!

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