Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Darlings

I can't stand how I love you.

I'm not going to say much, as you just need to make and taste these for yourselves, but before I say anything else i should give credit to the "Pioneer Woman" of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, which site led me not only to Crash-Hot Potatoes but these darling babies.

She calls them Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Thingies. I call them showstoppers. Delicious.

I call them eaten.


angela said...

oh jenny! your pics are much more tasty looking than the original recipe. if you like these, you should try another bacon wrapped treat. cut celery and carrots to about 2" pieces. (think of the size of a carrot stick halved) then wrap 2-3 pieces (bite-sized)in bacon. spear with toothpick. roll around in a sauce which consists of 1/2c. soy sauce + 1/2 c. brown sugar. place on tray and broil. (an aluminium foil lined tray is suggested for easy clean up) basting is optional.
did you ever eat these at my house? the soy/brown sugar sauce is also good on other food items. sweet and savory. as for your poppers, i have my next potluck dish for work in the bag.

Jennette said...

Yum. I don't think I've ever had those. Thanks for sharing. Everybody else, I am open to more suggestions of things around which I may wrap bacon.

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