Thursday, August 28, 2008


Eye me, why don't you?

Some gulls let us know they were jealous of our picnic lunch at the fountain near the Seattle Space Needle.


They were acting territorial about who got to stand closest to us.


Extended eye contact with an animal or bird activates my "I must feed you" instinct, but I know that's generally frowned upon. I stuck to my personal rule: "I won't feed them on purpose, but if I drop something they can have it" and then tried not to do any accidental-on-purpose littering of bread.

But, come on! Who wouldn't want some of this bread?

Ingenious! This stylish loaf was found near Pike Place Market at a lovely bakery named Le Panier.

Cheese and bread

Crusty! Chewy! Fresh! Yum (More about those cheese curds soon). Also, notice the giant drink in the penultimate photo above? That's an enormous lemonade with no less than an entire lemon (cut in half) floating inside. From this place:

The Frankfurter

We sat and ate (bread, cheese curds, donut nectarines) and were snuck up on by seagulls and watched children playing in the giant fountain (which varied its stream and patterns, sometimes playing music). Pretty cheery day.



Yeah, kid. Go for it.



MusicRaven said...

Neat loaf of bread. Totally cool fountain, my kids would love that thing!

Jillian said...

That bread looks amazing. I really think there is not much better than a fresh loaf of bread. Now I must bake some today!

Jennette said...

Thank you both for commenting. I am a big fan of both fresh bread and fountains in which people are allowed to play.

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