Sunday, August 31, 2008

Snack Religion!

Catching a grape

No, this anonymous partygoer didn't watch a creepy, posessed video tape before I took his photo. But he did catch a thrown grape in his mouth on the first try as the shutter snapped. I offer this photo to you because what says "fun, casual cocktail party" better than a photo of someone catching a grape in his or her mouth?

Even better than a "normal" cocktail party, this was a theological cocktail party. Well, it turned out to be more of a political cocktail party (because it was the evening of Obama's speech at the DNC), but the event is to recur. I'll definitely attend again, and not just because this could be the most appropriate snacking event series ever for a weblog called Snackreligious.

Light Box

Alas, photos without flash were just not working. But there was a lot of good snacking material there. I brought Whole Foods' Two-Bite Brownies for the group. There were also various chip, nut, cheese, and fruit options. Then, something magical occurred.


Just before Obama's speech, I noticed I had set a cup full of Coke down on the counter next to a container of honey-roasted peanuts.


Hey, how did those get in there?


Bets said...

I love a theological cocktail party! I got to a literary cookout on Labor day, and I thought to myself, "I need to go out to more parties."

Jennette said...

I like parties...and party food. The next theological cocktail party is at the end of this month. I should bake something this time.

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