Saturday, August 9, 2008

eXXtremeLy Messy


So, is this a Prince Polo XXL bar, or an XXL-sized Prince Polo bar? Whichever, it's clearly a hazelnut and chocolate wafer bar (didn't I say everything seems hazelnut-flavored lately?). No lie on the packaging as far as that goes.



The Prince Polo goes a bit further than a typical flavored wafer bar. One side has been covered in chocolate (the other side remains bare-wafered. Crispier than Neapolitaner wafers, the chocolate-enrobed side makes the Prince Polo also tastier and more messy in 80-degree (fahrenheit) weather than other wafer products I've tried (well, not tastier than a Little Debbie Nutty Bar, which remains my current favorite).

Made in Poland! But found in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (not the more Polish Greenpoint).

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