Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Famous Original

Here's a pet snack peeve: when I pick up a "mint" at a restaurant after a meal, unwrap the plastic and put it into my mouth, and then find it's not mint flavored at all but some weak, fruity something-or-other. I don't mind so much if they're cinnamon, but they're almost always knock-off cherry or strawberry. Bleah. You hear me, Hibachi Hut? Because sometimes you let me down.

Luckily, this mint was the real deal. It tastes like the original Starlight peppermints. Thanks, Famous Original Ray.


Bets said...

BLAH! I agree!

There's a terrific restaurant here, and they give out these mints - they LOOK like mints, they're green-and-white striped - but in colored cello wrappers that at least warn you, if you're attentive, and hint at the added faux citrus flavor - is that lime and mint? Orange and mint? Great when it's real, and in, say Thai soup - just sad in candy.

Jennette said...

Now you've got me thinking about Thai soup...

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