Saturday, March 6, 2010

I wasn't just there for the cupcakes. I swear.

Map jumble Cream Cheese frosting

Over the past months, Snackreligious cast regular Dan Funderburgh created MAP/Pursuit of Pursuit of Happiness, an amazing installation for Sigerson Morrison's boutique space on the Upper East Side.

Dan and map

Sigerson show 3

Shoe store wall

Sigerson show 4

Sigerson show 7

Sigerson show 8

Funderburgh combined wall stickers (designed by him and made by wallpaper company Flavor Paper, who sell a number of wallpaper designs by Dan) with framed work for this show. I made it up there Thursday night for the opening party. The art looked fierce, the shoes were even cooler up close than in photos, the tiny cupcakes had cream cheese frosting, and the samosas were a nice touch.

Eva's Beasts with Dan's design 3

Eva's Beasts with Dan's design 1

I loved seeing the three small beasts Dan had painted (made by his sister, ceramicist Eva Funderburgh, with whom he collaborated last year) on display with the jewelry at the store.

Art Snacks

I choked on an almond, but recovered well with a few sips of white wine. Ah, the rich life.

Funderburgh for Sigerson Morrison

Dan also designed the patterns imprinted on the straps of these Sigerson Morrison shoes.

If you are in NYC and would like to stop by, Dan's art and prints will be displayed in the shop for viewing and sale throughout the month of March.

Sigerson Morrison
19 E 71st St
New York, NY

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