Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waffle Kerfluffle

Waffle Time

It happens in the best marriages: Dan and I had a breakfast-related argument.

He wanted waffles; I was sort of willing to make waffles (I just need to mention right off that he was busy, or he could have made them himself). I craved savory and edgy; he craved sweet and classic. I thought I might improvise cornmeal waffles with bacon and parmesan cheese; Dan thought I should go with something banana-related. Oh, the waffling that ensued (pun intended).

My making The Hungry Housewife's recipe for Banana Bread Waffles ended our kerfluffle. They didn't even need the sliced banana or nuts that were suggested as topping -- just a little syrup brought it all together.

Who can argue when waffles are this good?

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