Monday, March 1, 2010

Photo Essay: Just Food's CSA in NYC Conference

Kranky in the workshop

Here's a shot of my lap at around 9:30 am at Just Food's CSA in NYC Conference yesterday. They didn't serve breakfast, or even hot water for tea (I brought my own tea bags). Luckily, I had a snack in my bag -- "Kranky" chocolate-covered cornflakes from Mexico (via Angela).

I attended the following three workshops, as well as the opening talk by Just Food organizers, and the Farmer Panel:

1. Caring for your Share -- which is going to better inform my CSA blogging this year
2. Donating Your CSA's Extra Food
3. Strategies to Increase Mixed-Income CSA Participation


Finally, time for lunch!

CSA conference lunch

My plate -- savory, dressed roasted vegetables; an apple; goat cheese and eggplant sandwich. I'm not always into sandwiches, but it was good. Now, with bonus apple cider! The apple cider and apple were from Breezy Hill Orchard.

The rest of these (blurry phone) photos are all from the Farmer/Trade Expo at the end of the day.


This table belonged to The Piggery, and I got a sample of their pâté (which tasted like spreadable liverwurst, something I loved as a kid) and spicy mortadella. However, they displayed a photo of cute pigs on their table, which made me want to quit eating pork entirely again. I only started back up a few years ago, and I'm still dealing with a lot of guilt. I visited the Animal Welfare Approved table immediately after my Piggery experience, to make myself feel better.


Wine (not local) for conference-goers.


More apples and cider from Breezy Hill.

butter/goat cheese

Salted butter on bread -- divine. Goat cheese with honey on a cracker -- divoon. Yum. Both were from Vermont Creamery. Swoon (-- onto the divan?! I tickle myself).


Sprouts with peanut sauce. I bought a "(sprout-your-sprouts-)Garden-in-a-bag" bag to take home. I'll be blogging more about this at a later date.



People really swarmed around the Grandaisy Bakery bread table. I had a little pizza-saucey something that was quite good.

Expo crowd 2

I also tasted, but did not photograph, a surprisingly tiny sample of Magui's Artisinal Chocolates. It was so small a piece I barely got the white chocolate flavor before it disappeared in my mouth. But it was good.

Expo crowd 1

This year, I'm taking on a role in the core group of my CSA (at Judson in Washington Square Park), so I appreciated the chance to get to know more about the innerworkings of CSAs in New York City. I wish I could have attended even more of the workshops, but I'm glad for the chance to go to the ones I did.

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