Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Taste of Hawaii

Hawaii Balls

Along with the durian chips mentioned a few days ago, my dear friend Angela sent me these coconut and macadamia nut balls. I was afraid they'd have a texture too similar to gumdrops (which I dislike), but though they were chewy they were not as artificial, granular, or sugar-coated. They did taste like coconut, too, which is always a nice touch. I detected no macadamia nut in some of them, and just a little nut in others, but that didn't bother me much.

If you like Mounds bars, or are otherwise a sweetened coconut fan, keep an eye out for these.


angela said...

too bad there wasn't much mac nut in them. i thought that would be a good contrast!

Jennette said...

It is a nice blend. More nuts, Hawaii Balls!

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