Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second Place

Not wasabi peas

I spotted a canister of Sriracha peas at The Meat Hook/Brooklyn Kitchen. I like wasabi peas, and I like Sriracha, so I decided to take it home.

To me, they're not as good as wasabi peas, but they're interesting. Predominately honey/tomato sweet, the spiciness builds up over time but doesn't have the sharp, pungent burn of wasabi in the sinuses. There's also something a little artificial about their flavor -- something I don't notice with w. peas. But, overall, Sriracha peas aren't bad as a savory snack.


Mechanic said...

i was wondering about these, thanks for reviewing them!

Jennette said...

I wish you lived closer. It's hard to eat a whole can by myself. ;)

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