Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy, Ryan?

Dim snacks

Crab rangoons and pork/shrimp dumplings

Noodle-y party

I am at Ryan's house, enjoying Sam's lively Chinese New Year birthday party as I type this. There's a lot going on.

The woman next to me is speaking rapidly in French, some crab rangoons are frying in a dangerous amount of oil heated over a turkey burner in the back yard, Chuck Norris (in The Octagon) is having flashbacks on the wall, several ladies are dancing like mad, and I just ate something tasty with noodles.

It has come to my attention that some of my friends fear that if I do not write a blog post about a party they've thrown or a meal they've fed me, it must mean I was disappointed by it -- and, by extension, the friend in question.

However, just for the record, it's often too dark for a good photo. See the top of this post for blurry phone photos I'd rather not have posted. I don't like using flash, either. The results aren't much better. Believe me, I mean no offense if your party does not end up on Snackreligious, especially if the lighting is dim. It doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself, or your refreshments, immensely.

Other reasons I might not blog about the awesome snack you gave me include:
  • No camera/phone on hand.
  • I ate the thing too quickly (because it was so good, was melting, was in danger of being eaten by someone else) to get a photo.
  • I plumb forgot to write the blog post.
  • I just don't write about everything I eat. Something's going to be left out.
  • I've already blogged about it in some other context and don't want to repeat myself.

Chinatown ice cream cake

At this party, however dimly lit, I made a special effort to put the ice cream cake under a lamp to take a better picture. Bought at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, it was layers of green tea, black sesame, and pandan ice creams. Superb!

Party kitchen


Fun party, too.

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