Thursday, April 2, 2009

Second Time's the Charm.

Finally Catfish

[With apologies to composer Alan Menken and writer Howard Ashman (Little Shop of Horrors).]

Drink up your milk,
Wash off your mayonnaise,
Here, take my napkin,
Wipe that chili away.
Floss out your teeth --
Free from their corning.
I know things were bad
But now they're okay.

Finally catfish
Is sitting before you.
They didn't make pulled pork
For you by mistake.
Finally catfish
Is here to provide you
Peppercorn flavor,
Cucumbers, and...

No sandwich ever
Small enough for me,
Always had too much
Bread on the roll
I'd get a bun and
I'd eat it all blindly.
Fat in my fingers,
Still I'd say "sure."

Finally catfish
From Numpang surprised me.
It was the right order;
It wasn't the pork.
Finally catfish
Is here to provide me
Sweet soy sauce flavor.
Catfish -- my friend.

Tell me this sandwich lasts till forever;
Tell me the bad ones are clean washed away.

Please understand that some might
Find it too small.
With appetites these days
It's so hard to say.

Finally catfish!

Finally catfish!
A sandwich that's for me.
A sandwich that's for you.

Finally Numpang showed me it can...

Finally Numpang showed you it can...

(Yes it can!)

Fill the right order,
The one that's inside me (you)
With sweet peppered catfish...

Numpang's your friend.

[etc. ad nauseum -- except for the nausea part.]


David Michael said...

Nothing cheers me up like one of your poems!

Jennette said...

Well, I can't take credit for this as a poem. It's just a song lyric re-write. :)

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