Friday, April 10, 2009

Taste of Iceland


Greta turned me on to Sirius Icelandic chocolate (sold at Whole Foods). I bought it in part for the packaging, designed in 1933, which is refreshingly simple and lovely (and -- surprise! There are two bars in there, rather than one), but it's really about the flavor.

I chose 45% semi-sweet and wasn't sorry I didn't go darker. There is a rich, warm sweetness to this chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon and a little something dark lurking in the background. Each square tastes milky and smooth and true. The package description suggests this chocolate will melt well and even includes directions for making this into hot chocolate. That's my next stop.


cali said...

I'm seriously considering a trip to Iceland over winter break this year (as in: I'll do it if finances don't stop me) and the knowledge that there's delicious chocolate to be eaten makes me want to go all the more!

Jennette said...

We almost went last year, so I think you should go. But if you can't, come visit me and I'll feed you chocolate!

Mary ann said...

I'm planning a trip to Iceland, but until I'm actually on the plane, this blog post is helping me get psyched up. Thanks for posting this and inspiring me to hop on down to Whole Foods to purchase some. Icelandia!

Jennette said...

I'd still love to go there in the next year or two.

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