Thursday, April 2, 2009


I've been trying to remember to take an Emergen-C every day. Whether its benefits are psychosomatic or not, it seems to work -- and I am determined to cure my lingering malaise.

The tangerine flavor is only so-so. I prefer cranberry.


girl_in_greenwood said...

I personally like the citrusy flavors mixed with orange juice and ginger ale.

mechanic said...

have you tried the pink flavor (which is actually pink lemonade)? its pretty good and at YOUR recommendation last winter, i too try to drink one every day.

Jennette said...

GIG -- That is a nice idea. In our house, orange juice and ginger ale are mixed whenever someone is feeling a little under the weather. I never thought to add an Emergen-C to that.

M -- Last year I was all about pink lemonade! The box I bought was tied to breast cancer research (as in, each box bought supported it in some tiny monetary way). This year I wanted to try a different flavor, though I knew it might be hit-or-miss.

JB said...

i prefer the berry flavored ones :-)

Jennette said...

Good to know. When I run through the box of Tangerine, I'll look for a berry flavor!

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