Friday, April 17, 2009

Back from the red.

Easter lunch

This past week, I've been traveling in the red rocks (and sand and dirt) of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I wasn't able to get to an internet connection very often (or even pick up a reliable cell phone signal, for that matter), but I did do some eating.

Above is a picture of Sunday's lunch. We flew into Phoenix (finally! after a SNAFU with Delta that still enrages me) and drove north through some dinky towns trying to find delicious Mexican food. This wasn't it, but it wasn't bad. It beat driving around looking for food any longer, that's for sure.

La Fonda can be found sharing a building with a Dairy Queen (that I found to have substandard toilet facilities) in Camp Verde, AZ -- but even if my combo plate was only so-so, the horchata was smooth and refreshing.

More moments from the trip [and that Poetry Tuesday poem I wrote on time (I swear!) but couldn't get out of the wilderness to post] to come!

ADDENDUM: poem is here.


Matt Cassity said...

For some reason that looks good first thing this morning. & nice use of SNAFU.

Jennette said...

It didn't look bad then, either. And it wasn't bad. Just not great.

Domestic Goddess said...

You were in Utah? I'm sorry.

We drove up through southern Utah on our move from Florida to northern Utah (Salt Lake area.) I don't remember much of it...then again, there wasn't much to remember. And honestly, northern Utah isn't much better.

Jennette said...

Ah, but the part of Utah (and Northern AZ) we were in was GORGEOUS. We hiked 2 days in Zion National Park and also drove through some beautiful canyon country. I was just disappointed by the food.

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