Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poetry Tuesday Limericks: I don't care if the rhyme is right as long as the food is good.

My feast dessert

There once was a girl born near Berkeley,
Whose camera took pictures too murkily.
And so she has naught
Of the pudding she brought
To the FEAST (Hope you don't find this jerkly).


On the cob
(photo by Dan)

A girl from Dubuque, overheard,
Said, "For snackfoods I'm kind of a nerd."
"And to watch Rescue Dawn
I need pop-off-cob corn."
After that, she did not say a word.

Off the cob
(photo by Dan)



A young miss who has known two Manhattans
(So smoke on your pipe and put that in!)
Is happy to share
Several fries, if you care.
But she needs all her nuggets and napkins.


mechanic said...

poetry tuesday is the bright spot in an otherwise dreary day. you rock.

Jennette said...

I'm glad my slant rhyme and faulty meter could be of service. ;)

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