Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poetry Tuesday: Lines from a Road Trip


Devils bright red lurk among milder, yellower friends,
Screw up faces with sour taste of hell and angry roars.


Tube of giant, hot cheese balls aflame,
Redder than these canyon's walls, this soil.

(photo by Dan)

But, seriously, folks:

Raw upheavals, anvils, pedestals erupting,
pimpling upward.
Earthen thunderheads,
each high, red wall a chorus of narrow faces,
Easter Island émigrés
singing to the scrub brush opposite,
masks stacked, Dahl's cloud people,
elegant arched eyebrows and mouths.
Ridge and hill and slide piled into one;
above, a contrail hangs like a pine needle
or a maestro's baton,
Mountain of food or fabric or pressed powder
spilling in ribbons, in folds of chalk,
its weight on itself.
Farther colors pale like the memories of colors.

(photo by Dan)


mechanic said...

we were so tempted to pick up those giant cheetos from a highway rest stop, just out of curiosity. glad you did!

Jennette said...

I would have rather had a lot more small ones!

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