Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do you think Obama would like some Doritos?

(photo taken and uploaded by lawnwrangler4ever, AKA my good friend, M.)

Because I would like some Doritos.

p.s. Poetry Tuesday was to be suspended this week in honor of Inauguration Day. Or, more accurately, because I didn't write a poem (Which was the case last week, too. We'll be back to form soon). BUT, in light of this important occasion and in keeping with yesterday's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, please consider this non-snack-related poem I wrote in college:

Unfinished: Kansas City

just one block from Troost is the park
and historic buildings
and smaller cars with Other drivers
but on Troost I am nervous despite myself
and try to smile (more than I would at white pedestrians)
at the black men and women catching the bus
and I do not make fun of the names of soul food restaurants
to prove I am not racist.

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