Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't call it a resolution.

Greens and Polenta

Cream of Tomato

I made an informal pledge to myself to eat out less, meaning I want to make food at home (and lunch on the leftovers) more often. Tonight we made a terrific cream of tomato soup with homemade croutons and served it with bright, wilted baby greens on a bed of polenta. Good stuff.

However, along with the benefits of our tasty dinner came:

  • A depressing number of dishes to do.
  • A last-minute shopping trip to the farmer's market and store, inclusive of quite a bit of money spent on ingredients (slightly more than an average eating-out or ordering-in bill would have been), a lot of time wasted searching for basil, and a very heavy bag to drag home from work.
  • Less time for non-cooking/cleaning activities.
  • An extra loaf of bread (due to clogged communication channels) to go stale overnight.
  • A general weariness.

This is going to even out eventually, right? I love to cook, but I can't do this every night.


Anonymous said...

meal planning. its kinda old-fashioned, but planning and shopping once for the week is a surefire time and money saver.

David Michael said...

Well perhaps I'm the wrong person to ask but as Alice Waters said "Food shouldn't be fast and it shouldn't be cheap."

Amazing looking dinner!

Jennette said...

Anonymous - I agree in theory, but I can't eat tons of fresh fruits and veg if I only shop once for the week. We did plan meals for the whole week, but I'm going to have to shop at least 3 times so nothing goes bad.

DM - Alice Waters is dreamy. You guys are inspiring,too!

mechanic said...

that polenta is inspiring! as someone who actively participates in leftovers for lunch, i wish i had a plate of it right now.

Jennette said...

I wish you were here! I have too many leftovers to eat them all. ;)

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