Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Knock knock. Who's there? Tap Tap. Tap Tap who?

After-dinner Chiclets

I had dinner at Tap Tap near South Beach and it was good.

Best: citronad (limeaid), natif (Haitian lime and rum alcoholic beverage), unnamed spicy slaw-type condiment, watercress sauce, fried malanga, rice and peas, the company, a taste of R's whole fish, friendly service, large group accomodation.

Fair: yucca fries (the best ones are creamy on the inside, and these were not), live music (Latin band playing Hava Nagila?), fried grouper with avocado and lime sauce (dry; couldn't taste any lime sauce), slow service and bill processing, after-dinner Chiclets.

Did not try: Pork chunks, Goat bits, tostones (mine were missing, plus I like them sweet).

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