Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Morning After

(photo by Dan)

Woke up (fully clothed) to a dirty stove. Made one cup of white tea with ginger. Did a thousand dishes. Sorted recycling from night of debauchery. No desire to be in that kitchen anymore.

p.s. The slip of paper is left over from Chwrestling (charades + wrestling) the night before.

Tree after snow
(photo by Dan)

Beautiful, sunny, cold day outside.


To breakfast
(photo by Dan)

Let's go to breakfast!

Breakfast friends

Jean provided a feast in the main house. Truly, it was an accomplished spread.

My breakfast

I ate. Pear cider. Hashbrowns. Fruit. Granola. Quiche (I chose spinach). Applesauce. More hashbrowns. Yogurt. A few more hashbrowns.

Delicious. Back to cleaning. Jen is an angel - she did the stove. Apples to Apples. Hugs goodbye. Well-wishing. Then home, sweet home.

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