Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wham, Bam, Thank you, Tim Tam!

Tim Tams - captured!

At long last -- they're back in my life.

Just like last year, I caught a ride to Target from my in-laws while in Pittsburgh, PA and located Tim Tams on the shelves there. I hope this becomes a family tradition.

  1. They are still 2 for $5. I bought six packages so that I could hoard 4 and share 2 as an after-the-Thanksgiving-feast treat.
  2. This year, the store I visited was stocking two flavors -- caramel (like last year) and chocolate cream (which I'd never tried).
  3. Just as I suspected, chocolate cream is better for Slamming with hot beverages.
  4. Both flavors remain thrillingly delicious.
Jim Jim

And now, I have an admission to make. I got a little goofy after Thanksgiving dinner (and not because I was tipsy; I hadn't even finished one glass of white wine). Some of the guests were drinking an Australian red called Jim Jim. I tried to get Dan to do a Tim Tam Slam with the room temperature Jim Jim -- just to see if it would work.


He wouldn't do it, so I did. It worked and it was gross (I do not blame the wine). But I remain simultaneously embarrassed and proud of my Jim Jim Tim Tam Slam. I'm all for breaking new ground in snacking.

Tim Tam Wine Slam
[photo by Dan. This photo doesn't need to be any bigger, but I also cannot deny its existence.]

p.s. To my family: that I now have four packages does not mean I don't still want Tim Tams for Christmas. I need a stockpile!

n.b. Everyone else who was new to the cookie (and I, eventually) tried the Slam with hot coffee or tea, at my recommendation (cocoa or steamed milk work, too). I didn't want to spoil Tim Tams for anyone eating them for the first time. But I just couldn't resist this Australian pairing!


laura said...

We went on a Tim Tam seeking expedition yesterday and located a large stock at the small Target by our house! They have caramel, chocolate creme and classic dark.

Let me know if you want replacement stock!


Jennette said...

I hope you enjoy them! I'll keep an eye out for classic dark. Yum.

Mary said...

I found Tim Tams at the Safeway grocery store in Rockville, MD yesterday. How fun to recognize them and know how they should be eaten!

Jennette said...

Mary - I enjoy being an unofficial (and unpaid) ambassador of Tim Tams.

Mechanic said...

be proud!

Jennette said...

If only it led to free Tim Tams.

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